1. My latest short film, would love for you to take 4 minutes to have a watch. 

  2. A short documentary film presenting the passions and processes of Tim Crozier, a custom surfboard maker in Encinitas, California. 



    Music by Josh Garrels

  3. Ten

  4. Justin at the Con.

  6. Adam out back.

  7. Time spent in the mountains is never time wasted. 

  8. Seriously on a rail.

  9. Mick Rodgers, O’Side Pier. 

  10. Loving my Nikonos

  11. Mele stylin’ a cheater 5 at Churches.

  12. New stuff just scanned through. Kai Takayama at Swamis last week. 

  13. Derrin and the blue bike at Devereux Point, Goleta.

  14. Mick sliding a neat 10 in the fading light at Beacons.

  15. A few screenshots from my nearly finished film. A documentary with Blackbird Surfboards. Keep your eyes out for the release.