1. Panos Pictures

    Well, it’s official I am now an intern at Panos Pictures.

    Today was my first day, which got off to a slow but good start getting to know the people in the office and who does what. 

    Over the course of the day I have been getting pretty stuck in, getting an insight into the editing process for the online publications, doing some internal web archiving and contacting a bunch of photographers. 

    One of my main jobs today was going through the top downloaded images off the website and filling them into ‘lightboxes’ on the website, which probably took about an hour and a half, and was mainly copying and pasting ref numbers, but it was a great opportunity to see what sells the best… more often than not its not the best pictures, but what the newspapers or magazines think will sell. At the same time I found some great photographers one of which is Andrew Testa, who I’ve looked at before, but was great to see a different part of his work.

    So that’s today… Check in tomorrow for another update!


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